Užitečné nástroje a odkazy

Dával jsem dohromady seznam nástrojů a užitečných odkazů pro fotografy z ciziny, s kterými jsem byl na fotovýletě. Třeba se bude hodit i někomu dalšímu.

Photography software:

  • Tool I am using for cataloguing my photos IDimager
  • Tool for photo manipulation (so far only for Mac) Affinity photo
  • Opensource tool similar to Photoshop Gimp
  • Collection of very good and free filters for Photoshop or Lightroom Google Nik Collection
  • Very good mobile app for photo manipulation on tablet Enlight or Snapseed
  • Very useful page, when you looking for any alternative to any software Alternativeto.net

Photos presentation:

  • Web, where I host ma photo gallery – Zenfolio
  • You can find my gallery here ZEphoto
  • If you like the site, with this link refcode=4P5-3BE-PKR you can get 10% discount (same for me)
  • Website for photo keywords generating akiwi
  • Best site for making photobooks I know Blurb – excellent quality and very good prices (there is sale about 20-40% several times per year )

Support tools

  • I use a lot Evernote – I use it for planning trips, storing information from web (they have excellent webclipper). It can be synchronized to mobile or tablet. So when I am going for some trip I put there fly tickets, hotel booking, all information about species or locality I can find on web etc. It can be used offline, you can share it with anyone …
  • Maps.me offline mobile maps including navigation – you can download only map which you will need – I have tried this in Japan and Sweden and it was perfect
  • When you need to know where the sun/moon will rise or set Photoephemeris

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